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Why Sex and Spirit Belong Together

One of the unfortunate side effects of the hijacked sexual revolution of the 1970s is that women have been shamed, ridiculed and aggressively persuaded that their desire to link love and sex is unliberated, old-fashioned, and inconvenient. Read More

There is no connection

There is no connection between sex and spirit...

...what a stupid concept. How would one even prove such a notion?

This is just more of the unicorns and rainbow views of love and sex that have fogged people's minds.

Love is biochemical and sex is just sex there are no invisible hoohas floating around it.

Re: There is no connection

What a misguided, pedantic complaint. Are you saying the connection between spirit and sex is a stupid concept, and that spirit is still a valid notion? In which I could ask YOU, isn't spirit a stupid concept? How would you even prove such a notion?

As for love being biochemical, if you have even a rudimentary knowledge of what the word biochemical even means, you would know that sex is also biochemical from a scientific point of view. It's 100% biochemcial, because that's all we are, scientifically.

As I see it, the author is using spirit and love somewhat interchangeably. And many people would say there is a connection between the two in a subjective sense. And a laboratory setting could easily show that feelings of love and sexual hormones are correlated in many ways, as many real studies have clearly shown. I'm not even sure what your point is.

Not just men

I'd say both sexes are equally to blame for wanting to separate love and sex. Too often women want love without sex! And maybe about as often as men would like sex without love.

Now, if you want to blame men for not doing the right things to bring out a woman's sexual side, then let's be fair and blame women for not bringing out a man's loving side.

Exactly. (But, of course, men


(But, of course, men are the blame for everything.)

Okay --- prove everything you

Okay --- prove everything you just wrote.

Go ahead...

...what you can't because the spirit crap is all just made up mumbo jumbo?

Pull your head out of your butt.

who is "you"?

And who is claiming there is spirit? Nobody in the comments thread. As for the author, I take it metaphorically.

I see we have a junk

I see we have a junk scientist.

But she wants to believe that

But she wants to believe that there is a love spirit ghost-like thingy riding a unicorn over her as she has sex.


OK, you want to take that tack? Why don't you just go into the place of worship of any established religion during their service hours and ask them why they are doing mumbo jumbo to some ghost-like thingy? I mean, why be a coward? Good luck!

On the other hand, are you so naive to think that the readers on this forum don't understand the difference between science and what people personally take on faith? Or do we need your guidance to point out when the two mix and might be interpreted as metaphor instead?

I do think its all mumbo

I do think its all mumbo jumbo. All religion is based on baloney.

Do we have to drag that hokus pokus into our beds too?

ok, we get it

OK, we get it already. But go ahead and repeat your point one more time if you like exercising your keyboard.

You're the coward for not

You're the coward for not questioning religion.

Sorry if I rained on your magical parade.

Grow up.

Thank you for the article.

Thank you for the article. This is what I study since I started experiencing kundalini a few years ago. It has changed my life and how I look at intimate partnerships.

This is bliss and happiness I'd love to bring to others but I'm still thinking of ways. Sexuality is a touchy topic and easily "pornofied" by the contemporary society where sex is seen mostly only from a masculine aspect.

People have sex for a lot of different reasons, ok?

Nobody owns what sex is supposed to be, ok? Other than consent, sex has no limitations or requirements.
People will like sex for their own reasons. Your definition of what is sexually "sacred" works for you, but will not for everyone.

And your attempt to blame the sexual revolution for the divorce of love and sex is quite hysterical. Women weren't having many orgasms before the sexual liberation, when word of the "clitoris" leaked out. Once we found out how to get off, of course we'd be interested in sex!
Really, you sound like one of those religious conservatives who think women are whores and sluts if we dare to enjoy sex without marriage or use birth control. If I'd waited for love, I'd never would have lost my virginity!

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