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Is it time to institutionalize polyamorous relationships?

Mom plus Dad plus Billy and Sally may now be Mom plus Dad plus Billy and Sally plus Mom's boyfriend plus Dad's boyfriend's girlfriend. Polyamorous families are just one of many post-nuclear family formations that now make up the vast majority of American families. Maybe it's finally time to push for laws that will help protect them? Read More

True to form.

H.L.Mencken mentioned a well known (but unnamed) philosopher of the day observing that the arguments against polygamy never come from women.

You've come a long way, baby. Not!

You might want to check out

You might want to check out the difference between polyamory and polygamy. It is an interesting movement polyamory- and not rooted in traditional religious marriage formations. Not that I am saying polygamous families don't deserve recognition. Just because there are certain patriarchal traditions within patriarchal religions- like Islam and Mormonism- doesn't mean that the more acceptable marriage- dyadic- is not itself the result of a long history of patriarchal traditions that traded women between men. It is easy to posit one's own family formation as superior, less sexist, etc. but much research shows that sexisim, sexual violence, patriarchal attitudes, etc. still exist within many dyadic marriages as well.

So, now we're expanding the definition of family and relationships yet again?

I see no arguments here - just more half baked rhetoric that is basically an appeal to abandon tradition and embrace this so-called new thing.

It doesn't work and this certainly wont create stability for those who participate. And don't argue from an exceptions point of view - those FEW who can pull this off do not prove that this is a workable relationship paradigm.

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Laurie Essig, Ph.D., is a professor of sociology and women and gender studies at Middlebury College.


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