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The Most Miserable Time of Year

Americans are pretty unhappy. That unhappiness grows in the lead up to Christmas but then gets really bad after the 26th. The reasons for our unhappiness are many, but we would all be a lot happier if we were more like Denmark and less like Russia. Read More

Great post, w/ the exception of...

Your irresponsible siting of Megan Kelly's statement. You misrepresented her by taking her comments out of context. Talk about hate mongering! You diminish your message by letting your political views run amok.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Cheer up Ms Gloomy!

Your introduction with the expletive shouting, gesturing driver set the tone of your article perfectly. Even your visage is stern and angry just like one would expect from a militant feminist. I am sorry you are so unhappy but I have some ideas that may help.

May I suggest that much of the angst experienced during holidays has the same source of much of the year-round unhappiness in America? The core of the modern Liberal message is not equality per se, but more of an entitlement and revenge philosophy. This appears in Liberal Feminism (redundant), Liberal Race Relations, Liberal socioeconomic class relations, religion etc.

Years ago when blacks and women were actually oppressed, fighting and anger was necessary to get the message across loud and clear that minorities should not and WOULD not be oppressed anymore. It worked very well. Now it is time to for the Liberal politicians to shout this message from the rooftops:

"The world will never be 100% fair, but there are examples everywhere in America of Blacks, Women, Gays, etc. who have made great lives in America and are partaking in everything that the American Dream has promised. They did it through hard, honest work and responsibility and now they are living the dream and helping the few who truly need help to survive. As Liberals we have preached blame and hatred and have divided every class of people imaginary for our political advanatage and is time for this to stop. It is time for more freedom and responsibility for all. You are the christian whites equals, go show it like many of your brothers and sisters do everyday!"

Laurie, your anger and vitriol perpetuates and exacerbates the problems you are constantly moaning about it. Instead of trying to get the helpless (how you look at them) minorities to vote to steal more from the 'oppressors,' ask them to live better and strive for the American Dream. It's not just for christian whites anymore!

All I want for Christmas this year is more work and less stealing (and voting-to-steal), more responsibilty and less blame, more reason and less failed Liberal policies.

My Christmas was wonderful (And I am an atheist!), I hope yours was too!

As far as Megyn Kelly, she is just another dumb*ss, blond, t*tty-pie like Katie Couric, treat accordingly!

Same Shit - Different Day

Blame you unhappiness on all the politically correct villains. That should work. Unbelievable.

Great article - not surprised to see conservative trolls out in full force

I thought this was a magnificent article. I was uplifted by Laurie's Christmas wishes for next year. But rest assured, the conservatives out their grasping on to the dying Corporate-Industrial State threw an absolute fit. How shocking. It is frightening how much right wing radio and TV have helped create an army of pawns for the ruling elite. Most of these pawns would benefit from a more progressive political/economic/social system. That's the real tragedy. Thank you Laurie, you made my day, and uplifted my spirits on what was indeed a pretty depressing morning (mainly the empty feeling left after months of build up for Christmas).

Got Arguments?

BK, I don't see a single argument in your post, just attacks. This is exactly what I am talking about - Liberals have nothing left but anger, vitriol & psychological projection. Thank you for proving my point.

Great Article

Thanks. :-)

Excellent article! Thank you!

Excellent article! Thank you!

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