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In Russia Obama is Gay and other Reversal Jokes

Discredited psychologist and found of the Family Research Institute went to Moscow to teach legislators there how to make homophobia and misogyny sound like it's good for the children. It was like a Russian reversal joke: in America Cameron has no power; in Russia power has Cameron. Read More

Groupthink Rejects.

First Snowden, now Cameron?! Seems like all the cool smart kids are going to Russia these days.

But Cameron is wrong about that "golden rule" thing: the operative principle here now is promiscuity -- in the old-fashioned sense of sex outside marriage -- is ok so long as it is done entirely on women's terms. Well, inside marriage, too, but that's another issue.

The only thing worse for a hetero woman than losing a guy to another woman is for both of them to lose out because the guys are gay, and this is all the more true during periods of acute and prolonged man shortages. So the degree to which male homosexuality is proscribed is a measure of women's real social empowerement, where it actually matters. Russian women must be way ahead of their Amerikan counterparts in this regard.

Could You Clarify

Could you clarify your entire last paragraph? I really couldn't follow what your exact point is in each sentence.


How can it be clarified? It is just more of his usual confused misogynistic rambling.

Yes, Clarification

Yes, I want clarification. I want to actually understand what this person's exact claims are so I can actually start substantive discussion. Believe me, I've come to the same basic conclusion as you, but I actually want to contribute to a conversation as opposed to resorting to the ad hominem attacks (just because someone starts with a horrible argument doesn't necessarily mean someone else should follow up in the same manner). I'm not delusional to think I'd change this person's mind, but maybe someone who reads these comments might look at a point I make and think differently. I like to look at a bigger picture when dealing with the minor details.

there's another place where reversal is the rule these days...

it's the American university, where people who can neither think nor write, such as Laurie Essig, are appointed to professorships because they managed to churn out a dissertation full of narcissistic cultural political ranting. And it's most of the professional associations in the soft areas of the human sciences, where real scientific data are unobtainable and so ideologues simply make up 'studies' guaranteed to find just what they want to find, and the few people left committed to scientific rigor and objectivity are threatened and bullied until they either get with the side of the Cultural Revolution or they get out of the business altogether.

Laurie Essig and her kind are cancer from the point of view of science and truth.

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Laurie Essig, Ph.D., is a professor of sociology and women and gender studies at Middlebury College.


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