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Are Gay Men Happier Than Straight Men?

The media is having a field day with a new study on sexuality and happiness. Journalists are using it to claim that gay men are happier than straight men and coming out of the closet about any of your sexual secrets will make you happier and healthier. But if there is anything we can learn from this study, it is to be more skeptical of the media. Read More


American gender-feminists are going to keep "Empowering" themselves by Inflaming the public with their manufactured statistics, Until the point where hetero-sexual relationships become a very real Legal Liability for guys.

Of course there will be gay

Of course there will be gay men who are unhappy, will have bad relationships, etc. but generally speaking, considering the fact that gay men are seeking relationships with men and not the endless stream of narcissistic and personality disordered women whose bad behaviour is enabled by a society that makes excuse after excuse for almost makes me wonder why more men don't consider switching teams.

Come out and Heeeeeey!

It would seem that a person sharing with as many people as possible that they are gay or bi is best for their health. Not only does one not have to contend with secrets, but when people have a chance of coping with what an individual is, others can cope and adapt as well.

The issue I've seen comes with coming out in a work environment. Being seen as an other can make it difficult for one to promote if there are several folk that see one as different or a danger. They at times don't want to work under someone they see as strange.

So it's difficult to gauge whom one should tell about one's personal life. I've gauged, only those most personally related to one need to know. Anybody else told could come at a cost. It's best to share personal information in a safe-zone outside of a work environment.

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Laurie Essig, Ph.D., is a professor of sociology and women and gender studies at Middlebury College.


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