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Is Wanting a Pink Tutu Hardwired?

Liberals used to believe that biology was not destiny. Now they embrace biological determinism to explain everything from homosexuality to why little girls dress up like princesses. Where did this bad romance between liberals and biology come from and isn't it time to break them up? Read More

Do we have to politicize everything?

Biology doesn't determine everything. Nor do political preferences always predict beliefs about psychology, sociology, or biology.

no though ...

Yes I agree with you on we do not have to politicize everything nor does Biology determine everything. I do however believe that hormones in the biology of us being male of female have something to do with it. What I am unsure but In what they have to do with it I do believe that females will always have an instinct to take care of someone or something be it dolls or toy soldiers depending on which she prefers to have as her toys when young while young adult women will prefer either a human baby and/or a anthropized pet. While for men I have not studied thus I do not know. Also sense I do not keep a record of where I obtain knowledge what I say might be wrong even though I believe it to be true until stated otherwise. In that if you contradict me please have your stuff sourced so I can learn more from your reply.

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Laurie Essig, Ph.D., is a professor of sociology and women and gender studies at Middlebury College.


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