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Why Some Women Cheat

Throwing caution to the wind, women who cheat risk a lot. They risk hurting their partners, hurting their children, and losing the relationship. Read More

My situation is a wee bit different...

I am a professional woman who holds down two positions, married for 22 years, active in my children's lives, and I have three married boyfriends. They are all good guys and they treat me very well. Frankly it is exciting for a 40-something woman to be physically desired by three other men. My attitude has improved and I am much happier as a result. I feel no guilt because I do not intend on destroying anyone's life, and I refuse to break up my family. No regrets for me, and I am positive that there are other women in similar situations who feel the same way.

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Frances Cohen Praver, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and relational psychoanalyst and author.


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