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Why Lasting Love Eludes You

Slim of waist, dark curls framing her dimpled face, Stephanie sighed, “I almost gave up on finding real love. That’s not to say that I haven’t been in romantic relationships, I have, but love didn’t last. Then I met Glen. Read More

I appreciated the article but

I appreciated the article but then was thrown off by this sentence in the middle: "Let us take a peek into Claire’s childhood to understand why she finds men who are unavailable."

Who the heck is Claire? Time for an editor!

Blame the parents

Just another "blame the parents" article… Oh please.

There are plenty of ugly men out there that Stephanie could have chosen. A lot of times, they are called geeks and nerds. But underneath, they are kind and compassionate humans that long for a spiritual connection to a woman. But like Stephanie here, they look only skin deep and never consider the real man inside. Instead, they gravitate toward the slick jerks that give all men a bad reputation. I feel no compassion for her. Her own stereotyping of what a good man looks like, is what did her in -- not her parents.

Sorry and thank you for your

Sorry and thank you for your edit

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