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Baby Boomers Gone Wild! Seniors and STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading like wildfire among seniors. And, while many are sexually active, a lot of them are choosing to not “suit up” before dancing the horizontal mambo. Recognizing this fact, Medicare now offers free STD screenings. However, many healthcare professionals fail to ask their older patients about their sexual activities. Read More

seniors have sex only with other seniors?

The article assumes that seniors have sex only with other seniors. Not true based on a few I know of. But I suppose it's probably more true in retirement communities.

Seniors having sex

Not only are seniors having sex with seniors, they are in the online dating and cheating sites! AshleyMaddison, Upforit, CheatingWives,Zoosk,, POF, to name a few. Seniors are taking advantage of the immoral conduct of young people that are selling themselves cheap on the internet. They also are blowing up the Porn sites!
Sun City West in Arizona is a prime example of where seniors will have sex just about anywhere, with anyone!

and your point is?

Is your real purpose here to promote these sites? You could have made your point without being so specific.

Seniors having sex

Dear Point,
My purpose was not to promote these sites. but to be specific when mentioning *cheating sites* and the numerous avenues Seniors are using to satisfy their sexual cravings. I am a detail orientated person. Funny you should get hung up on the name of the websites and not be able to see the point of my post.

Re: Seniors having sex

And what makes you think I didn't understand the point of your post? I was trying to convey that I would have understood it even without the details.

But if you want to talk details and nuances of wording, I would question your use of the phrase "sexual cravings" and the connotations you're trying to paint the picture with. Instead of saying, for example, "erotic adventures", or "exploring their sexuality", etc. Because, logically, the alternative can also be made to sound a bit absurd, such as requiring a 95-year-old person to only settle for a meaningful long-term relationship.

It's a travesty how in the American culture seniors are kind of made a joke of, especially their sexuality, and your wording seems to be on the border of doing just that. Clearly, with effects that numerous age-related health issues can have on sexuality, ANY senior who is enjoying sex is to be celebrated.

Save your post for when you're 90 and see how it sits with you. If you're even alive then. LOL

Incidentally, I agree with the earlier post that it's an erroneous assumption that seniors only have sex with other seniors, as if they're some kind of leper colony that's been isolated from the rest of society.


I looked at the raw numbers of e.g. syphillis, chlamidia, and gonorrehea in the CDC data. What you are calling "spreading like wildfire" translates to movement from one small fraction of one percent to a slightly higher fraction of one percent. If this is a wildfire, get me an eyedropper and I'll put it out.

Seniors having sex

I am a senior divorced after 30 years of marriage. Yes I think one issue is that we were not educated as the young are today and being in long term marriages we did not have to think about STDs in relation to ourselves. I had no idea that the statistics for STDs among seniors was so high but it makes complete sense to me. The divorce rates are so high in this country and people such as myself still want to move forward and find a partner for long term relationship and that is not an easy thing to do so we date more and end up having sex with more partners than ever before. Also let's face it many people who have STDs don't know it and many who know they have an STD are not willing to be up front and share that information with the person that are having sex with. The answer is educating ourselves and being pro-active in protecting ourselves.

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