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I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa and Stories of Holiday Cheating

Holiday stress might be a convenient excuse for cheating, but usually there are other, longer-term and deeper motivations for relationship infidelity. Read More

Oh! The irony!

There's Freudian unintentional irony in your post, Mr. Weiss. You wrote about, "Some of the justifications people have for cheating might actually seem legitimate, though I don’t like to call them that because the word legitimate implies a value judgment that I’d rather not attach."

Really? And the word 'cheating' itself does not imply a value judgment?

i'm full deaf, 73 aged,

i'm full deaf, 73 aged, always alone for 4 years i need have a new partner but never last yet so i been very unhappy with my late parents are very cruel me when i was grew up, because they hate deaf world an not like have i become a gay life they was very angry with me so i really need relocate to spain very much but my financially is problem, i still disappointed every thing who never advice yet,
i wish someone would help me about how i improve more happy again but bit difficult to says.i hate it over my own loneliness life.
hope next time will be better new life again perhaps never know,


Bisexuality is a curse I don't understand, and I don't understand the latency of it's occurence is some aspects.

Loving myself is a fallacy; I thought sharing my inclinations with my wife would help - not cheating - but sharing. It didn't; I feel worse. It's deplorable, and I am self loathing.

My wife is actually accepting of the concept - as long as there is nothing "real" that goes on, which I am okay with. I just don't feel free, and it's not about sexual freedom. It's the the freedom in my mind.

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Robert Weiss is the author of Closer Together, Further Apart: The Effect of Technology and the Internet on Sex, Intimacy and Relationships.


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