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From Pope Francis to Parishes, Priests May Be Roadblocks

As I talk with young people today most admire the Pope, but are cynical of priests. Here are seven radical thoughts for changing the church. For the most part, the clergy will dismiss them. But certainly they know that the church needs a serious examination of conscience. It seems that the young people are being denied the opportunity to find spiritual love. Read More

Priests or Social Workers

The Catholic Church structure certainly could use reforming. Like women priests and allowing priests to marry for a start.

On the other hand I didn't read one word about God, or Spirit, or wonder, or Creative Intelligence, etc... in this article.

Not sure but perhaps we are confusing the role of a priest with that of a social worker.

Different roles, different functions although of course they can overlap.

How about a Church that provides real tools for transformation and Priests than can inspire and help connect us to Spirit.

I am baffled as to why this

I am baffled as to why this is on a psychology website, but maybe that's because I am an atheist.

priests roles

Many good points...but, having come from a long family lineage of priests and nuns....I would vote for keeping some type of rectory or priest house, a place where parishoners feel they can go...apartments dont do it...many nuns lost their sense of community when most were forced into apartments and convents closed.....and I agree with above perspective, priests are not social workers and I do hope they dont take that on becasue they need to be following in the Pope's footsteps to be present for the poor in spirit as well as the economically disadvantages, the disabled, and truly show the humble, loving spirit of Christ when administering to the people they serve(operative word, serve). And women? could save the priesthood from most of it's issues, whether married to a priest or priest themselves. Enough of the archaic mentality.


In the suggestions here, I didn't see this one: The Catholic Church needs to hand over clerics accused of raping children over to secular justice. Inasmuch as the Vatican is still sitting on a lot of written testimonies, it needs to hand those testimonies over to the secular authorities who have requested them. So far, the Vatican has REPEATEDLY refused to do this and is still attempting (you have to wonder how effectively) to address these issues in-house.

We are talking about extremely serious CRIMES against children. I am not surprised that a lot of young people have left the church; the only surprise is that even more people (of all ages) haven't yet done so. People who remain in this organisation and give it their money, their time, their loyalty are guilty of complicity. Time was, you genuinely didn't know about such abuse because it had been covered up. Now, you do know about it.

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