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A blessing a day keeps the doc away

Good-Thought Choices: 8 Ideas to Keep Stress at Bay

When we have another focus that drives us, it does help to minimize our stress and our fears. The reality of a positive plan eventually becomes more powerful than the unreality of those "What if" negatives. Read More

I Liked Them All!

I am a person who used to get stressed or afraid very quickly. I used to usually overcome this weakness of mine by diverting my attention to someone who needs my help, a point that this post says. This was because I knew the importance of helping others as the only reliable and independent source of happiness, which is well explained at http://www.dadabhagwan.org/scientific-solutions/humanity/help-others-the...

They say, you get what you give - so if I help, I am going to get help for sure. However, the help that I got was truly extraordinary, as it gave me a permanent solution to come out of stress, fear, and anxiety. I was been diverted to a self-realization ceremony by a lady whom I had helped emotionally. I have no words to describe but it surely has the science to bring you out of all negative emotions and make you feel the eternal bliss permanently.


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Rita Watson, MPH, is an Associate Fellow at Yale's Ezra Stiles College and a columnist for The Providence Journal.


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