Looking in the Cultural Mirror

How understanding race and culture helps us answer the question: "Who am I?"

The Myth of Race, Again

The New York Times “Invitation to a Dialogue: The Myth of ‘Race’,” (coincidentally the title of my recent book) concerned the assertion that the human species has no biological races, and that the race concept has a long history of being used in the service of social injustice. Unfortunately, the published Dialogue ignored cultural differences in the race concept. Read More

Race and Racism

Good Day Mr. Fish,

My name is Randon Pile, I am a 29yr old, melanin rich young man of Guyanese origin.To begin I want to say, I appreciate you as a HUMAN BEING, and what it is you have worked and are working on. I agree with your position and also I have been looking for someone with real understanding of this topic to have a dialogue with.

Although race is a myth, the resulting ism is not. When this suffix is added, the resulting word, racism, becomes a hyper realistic term. Only to the 'benefited' within this group is the 'glass half full'.

I did not even properly get to consider/discuss what you said about the article being written from a "American Point of view".
I will try to follow up before the week comes to an end. I thank you again.

Randon Pile

Thanks for your thoughtful

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

The Myth of Race

Your book is definitely going to be a Christmas present to myself this year, and a huge Thank You from me as well. As a 53 year old part "Native American" and part "Irish", you can imagine that I don't get invited out to many social settings that serve alcohol.

I believe I will get copies for stocking stuffers, for the world.

Debbie Dixon

Many thanks

Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

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Jefferson M. Fish, Ph.D., a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at St. John's University, has authored and edited 12 books, including The Myth of Race.


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