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Do You Really Believe in Heaven?

So after the missionary gets through listing all God's laws, he tells the assembled natives that, unless those strictures are followed to the letter, an eternity in Hell awaits. This prompts one fellow in the front row to ask about all those souls on the next island who never heard of God's laws. "They go directly to Heaven," says the preacher. "So why did you tell us?" asks the native? Read More

Welcome back, Stephen

ahhh, sounds like you are referring to the original loophole. mysterious fucking ways!

i've always thanked HIM that i do not believe, otherwise i'd have died by now to get my 72.

Stairway to heaven, please keep to the left

I like how you think. I've often wondered why rabid religionists are preaching how wonderful heaven will be, whilst denouncing anything that will get people there quicker, like assisted suicide/euthanasia.

Thank You Shooter

You make an excellent point.

One can only wonder if it's an example of hypocrisy or of cognitive dissonance or maybe just sloppy thinking. Personally, I'd vote for all three.

or maybe not

Maybe instead it is knowing that God is sovereign and trusting Him.

yeah i just read this article

yeah i just read this article for the 2nd time. it's really good.

A little more empathy...

Hi Stephen! I have been reading your blog (and Gad´s) for some time and find them both great, but there´s a clear lack of empathy and tolerance. It´s easy to mock a person who believes in something (that we think is) absurd and without any logic base, but it´s our work to make them understand that there´s something else behind "heaven" and "God´s Will".


things getting worse or better in Venezuela?

i too get that feeling Andres and think it's frustration of the author being smarter than everyone else. as to me personally it's probably just cause i'm really annoying, and religion having been annoying a little bit longer than me (and lacking empathy and tolerance itself) sometimes you want to stop turning the other cheek and beat them with the biblé.

Hello Andres

Sad to say but the "empathy and tolerance" you suggest would be sorely misplaced when dealing with a true believer. Have you ever had any luck presenting a logical argument or expressing a reasonable thought to such an individual...any glimmer of intellect or even a hint of receptivity? And don't lose sight of the threat they pose when voting on an issue or contributing to a cause.

I hate to disagree with you because I can see your point and it's certainly admirable but, in my view, you aren't taking the threat inherent in mindless faith seriously enough.



I can certainly appreciate both your points: Get them to understand versus Hit them with their Bible. The bottom line is, neither will have much of an effect. These are people with brains that are wired differently. You might as well be talking to the cat.

Just so you know

Just so that you know - some of us really do believe in Heaven and are looking forward to going. I also fully appreciate the life He has given me here and I will live it to the fullest for Him with love and gratitude to my Lord and Saviour.

From reading the couple of articles of yours I have read so far - one of your biggest problems is you know too many people with "religion" and not Christ. He makes all the difference.

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