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Seeing Is Believing?

Ever since the term "Flying Saucers" was first used in 1947, there have been literally thousands of reported sightings and/or encounters. The problem is that, in more than 60 years, there has yet to be a single example of compelling proof.

When scientists see such a pattern - lots of stories but no legitimate evidence - they classify it as an anecdotal account. Read More


Not that I don't believe your words or anything, but for my own personal benefit and convenience, I'd really appreciate points of contention and uncommon facts cited, and I'm surprised / curious as to why that's not already the case.

Hello Adam

I'm not sure that I understand.

Are you saying that you'd like to see footnotes so that you might read more about some of the events mentioned in the column? If so, I don't include them for two reasons: One is that blogs are supposed to be short and entertaining. Anything more would start to look like a research paper. And two is that, in this day and age (when everyone has a computer connected to the Internet) it's easy enough to tap in a few words and get more information than you probably want on almost any subject.

I hope that satisfactorily addresses your comment.


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