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Six Keys to Understanding Women

Do you feel like you don't understand women? Here are six keys to help you get closer. Read More

all women are not the same

I'm a woman, and I find this post really offensive. Could we quit the stereotyping, please?


speaking as a man, anyway.

Thank you

Thank you. We men need help in relating to and understanding women. Yes, it is true that perhaps the best lesson is: women are all different; women are not themselves sure what they want. But, your insight to listen, to try to understand communication, to work together, is useful.
Overall, thanks for your blog and your insight. And, great pic!

Six good places to begin plus remember menstrual cramps

These six points seem like good places to begin, for a man who wants to understand more about a woman who is already in his life. Most of these are worth learning, leaving out the sex, for many males trying to understand women: boys of 14, adult sons, men who don't understand their daughters, and more. These are good in all kinds of relationships, leaving out the sex: work partnerships, travel companionships, more.
For my own thinking, I summed them up:
Create emotional connection. Give good listening re problems and ask if problem-solving is wanted. Understand different levels of interest in sex. Share work load evenly. Give good listening re fears and support growth of strength rather than try to remove problems and fears. Communicate steadily.
Yep, those are very good.
I would add, men who want sex more than their partner may need to be more aware of the periodicity of menstrual pain, which takes away sex-interest for one to four days in each four weeks for many women, during reproductive years. Ovulation caused me pain for a day, too, and I'm now happier with sex any time, now I'm in my late 50s and reproduction isn't part of it.

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