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Good to have a single resource, no pun intended

I was just reminiscing yesterday over a manager we had at Sears when I was in my teens (think 80s), and she was 40ish and mean as a wasp. We were all terrified of her. Then she Met Someone and Got Married, and we were treated to a kinder, gentler Linda for about 3 weeks. Then she was back to her old snappy self again.
When I think of all the wisecracks people made about how if she just had regular sex, she'd be a nice person, then the expectations everyone had of that happening after she got married, it's just kind of funny. Of course she changed a bit during the honeymoon phase, but after that was over, she was still the same woman, and you'd have to think that anyone who could tolerate her wouldn't be such a prince that he'd produce any lasting change. >: )

Kathleen Parker - "To Defeat Poverty, Look to Marriage"

I thought you might be interested in the recent Washington Post column by Kathleen Parker.

To be fair, she acknowledges that simply getting married isn't a complete cure-all for economic ills, but this line is particularly hard to ignore: "But marriage, besides being the best arrangement for children, has the added benefit of being good for grown-ups. Half the pain, twice the joy. What’s not to love?" I can think of a few things...


Thanks for this, JRR. I just read it and it is filled with myths. I think I'll go there and post a link to this post, but there are already 1000 comments so not sure anyone (esp Parker) will notice.

Dear Bella

I read your book and I'm in love with you.

You said it so well -- all the things I've been thinking and kinda say but I'm not as articulate (or funny) as you.

I'm a very happy single person and when my friends, coworkers or others I hear about getting married act like they feel sorry for me cauz you know, I'm so sad and single, I actually really and truly feel sorry for them. Every blue moon someone seems to actually be happy, but they were usually a pretty happy person before they got married and so not much changed.

I'm gonna visit each one of your links and I'm going to feel very smug and self-satisfied the whole time. Thank you so much for your wonderful self!


Just had to say thanks for such a kind comment!

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