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Top 10 Odes to Single People

From a wide-ranging media landscape, from scholars and pundits and a Supreme Court justice, there is a newly-popular theme in the discussion of single life. It is a respectful and even celebratory theme, which acknowledges the strengths, joys, meaningfulness, and advantages of single life. Read More

AAA article on solo travelers

This just scratched the surface for solo travelers. The single supplement is the biggest hurdle faced by the solo traveler, and it's not limited to cruise lines (a world outside my experience). The fact that this narrow-focused article made the top 10 shows how little this topic is addressed in the world.
As a frequent solo traveler, I see different treatment in restaurants, even sometimes at attractions. Single visitors pay the full ticket price while couples benefit from "two-fer" pricing.
Accommodations are generally set up for two and the single traveler uses half of everything. Only a few places out there have accommodations designed for one, where you don't feel like an incomplete party (shout-out to Free Spirit Spheres in Qualicum Beach, BC). Hostels provide a fair pricing deal for people willing to try dorm-style, but for the traveler who wants privacy, the smallest private room is still set up for two.
Resorts such as Free Spirit Spheres, located in isolated natural settings, recognize that their settings lend themselves to contemplation, which is best done solo. It's good business for them to offer a solo setup.
That's the barrier--up to now, it's been economically advantageous to offer a couples-biased price structure. We have to give our business to the good guys who offer us a fair deal and simply ignore the folks who don't. Consumers vote with their wallets.
There's a lot of articles waiting to be written out there. This freelancer is gonna get busy. : )

Right On.

I travel solo regularly and constantly run into the things you've mentioned, Psyngle. I'm going to London this spring. I just discovered that if you ride the London trains to an attraction, you can get 2-for-1 pricing into many attractions for a huge cost savings. The idea is to promote train travel. Thanks for nothing!

However, there is one area where the solo traveler has a huge perk: tickets to shows. At most high-end venues, member patrons have first dibs on tickets. Once it's open to the public, most of the premium seats are often taken. That said, there are almost always outstanding seats still available if you don't need two seats next to each other. Travel with someone, and you get stuck sitting in the back with them. Travel alone, and get one of the best seats in the house. I just landed a premium seat at the Royal Ballet's opening night of La Bayadere because of this. Hell yeah! I'm so glad I decided to do London alone!

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