Liking the Child You Love

How to build a better relationship with your kids—even when they're driving you crazy.

The Key to a Happier Relationship

You will be much happier in your relationship if you do this. Read More

Your Book "Why Can't You Read My Mind"

Why Can't You Read My Mind and know that I would like to purchase your book?

It doesn't appear to be available to buy off the shelf. BN does not carry it. Are there other bookstores available that stock it in the OH/IL/MI area? I do not want the nook or PDF version. Thanks.

Toxic Thoughts

Hi Dr. Bernstein,

I love what you've said about "toxic thoughts" leading to the erosion of positive relationship dynamics. These examples, often referred to as "all-or-nothing thinking" certainly alter the lense through which we view others, causing resentments to build towards the other person. I am wondering if, in your work with couples, you find those who show lower levels of toxic thoughts towards their partners are also less likely to use this thinking in general?

It would be interesting to know if these are pervasive patterns of relating to others or if this is specific to romantic partnerships.

Thanks for the article,


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Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., has authored four books, including 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child.


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