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Four Steps to Raising an Honest Teen

Parents have a big influence on how much their teens lie. Read More

When I lied, I was screamed at for +3 hours

It's called mental torture when you beg for the whip but get screamed at by both parents for over three hours. For offences that are more about power and independence than any kind of actual risk.
Those screaming ordeals (and they were frequent) taught me to fear and not trust my parents. Ever. Even now as an adult, I am always one step away from cutting them off permenantly.

Bernstein's ideas are great,

Bernstein's ideas are great, if you assume the parents he's advising are sane, mature people, which, like your parents, is overwhelmingly not the case. My parents, too, turned honesty into a ridiculous game of loyalty, power games, and simple cruelty. How is Bernstein going to reach people that flawed?

Lol, probably the child's

Lol, probably the child's fault! Bad parenting.. Nahhhhh

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Jeffrey Bernstein, Ph.D., has authored four books, including 10 Days to a Less Defiant Child.


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