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Breathless: When Everything Is Just a Blur

Last month I described a ride in a tram car with a floor that slowly rotated in a circle. Although the steady turning meant that I couldn’t focus on any single scene for very long, the movement was slow. But what about those times in life when things seem to be spinning much faster? Read More


Another thoughtful column. And wonderful pix. Makes one wonder, though, about the guy hanging by his heels upside down and what's going to happen when the floor comes back.

Nice metaphor all around.

Maybe it's too early on a

Maybe it's too early on a Monday, but I read too much metaphor, not enough content. I'm not sure what this article was aiming at, but now I want to go to a fair.



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Julie Exline, Ph.D., is a Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. She is a licensed psychologist and a certified spiritual director.


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