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Parenting My Atheist Sons

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Disgard Excess Baggage

Religosity is useless excess baggage. It has nothing to
do with a relationship with a vital living God.
It is a human invention. "God," seems like too big a
proposition to approach, so man invents a religious
framework that he worships in place of God.
But God IS real.
The best way to approch God is to worship Him through His
Son Jesus Christ.
But we don't worship our IDEAS about Jesus. We directly
worship Jesus and take Him into our hearts.

god is in our hearts

yes its true god should be directly into our heart and souls and

we should fallow their teachings and implement them into our lives

but religion cant be taken for grant age any way.

Thank you!

Wonderful article! Thank you unfortunately my mother does not think this way. She has been living in fear that I will die in hell for more than 10 years. She is always looking for an opportunity to convert me back. Yet I am a moral ethical person who gives time and money to charity oh and I save lives for a living. But in her eyes he'll is in my future!

Made me laugh out loud

There's never been much religion around me, yet there is very little violence.

I see religion from the opposite perspective: How can you do good if you have to follow rules set by other people without listening to your conscious and adapting to each situation? It seems to me that people applying what they were taught without discernment, without evaluating the context, is the cause of many problems in our world.

I wonder where the idea of not having been taught a story about a white man with a white beard in the sky who can send you to burn is supposed to make you evil. Do you have to be scared do act friendly?

If I do this, others will be happy is a good enough reason for me. It just fills me with joy.

free will

every body has a right to live with a free will ,combining violence

with religion is stupid.

Great Attitude

When I was 13 and about to become Bat Mitzvah, I realized for the first time just how many actual ethical questions I had with the (quiet, reformed) Judaism I was raised with. I didn't want to identify myself with the faith, I certainly didn't want to proclaim myself as a Jewish Adult.

I went through with it because my parents bribed, threatened, cajoled and promised until they found something that would make me. The most effective was a promise that once I was Bat Mitzvah, it would be my choice whether or not to attend services from then on. I had the ceremony, I immediately stopped going. Until the following Rosh Hashana - when I was informed that they didn't mean REAL services and I was required to go.

The amount of energy my parents expended fighting with me to force me to continue going to temple exhausts me remembering it. And it was counter-productive. I developed something of a phobia of religious services and have only recently, ten years down the road, become comfortable just being in a church or temple without vague butterflies of anxiety. When I DID begin to possibly believe (not in the Jewish god - if anyone is out there I think it's Hermes) I had to fight against the defense mechanisms that I dug so very deeply as a confused 13 year old to even begin to open my mind to the spiritual.

Funnily enough in the end, I'm fairly sure I'd be a practicing, whole-believing Hellenistic Pagan right now, if I hadn't been forced to remain Jewish so long. Because I was pushed so hard for the one religion, I have serious trouble identifying with any now.

Bible Reading

I agree with many different commenters here, and some of the writing too. From a faith-based family, raising two daughters faith-based, & still I have 1 whom used to believe now doesn't, & one who attends SUNDAY School joyfully!!! I pray for both of them and build my own faith and trust in The Lord that He'll lead them in ways back to HIM, Athe ways He did with me when I had my own days of Faith-less-ness.
I Still see all of these God Quotations and God given orders in certain comments and I always wonder: Have these ppl actually really read the Bible cover to cover? In a decent study, led by another Christian, before?
All the bible books I have read (lost count now) and I find it strange to hear ppl recommending how we or atheists should and shouldn't believe in religion and what not; when really: even JESUS and God assured "believing in RELIGION is NOT thee answer"... Praying you all believers or not, a blessed day.

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