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Relationships of the (Unexpectedly) Dangerous Kind

Watching a daughter move from childhood to adolescence can be especially difficult when we see her fall under the spell of the "bad boy" or "bad girl." What is the attraction all about and what can parents do? Read More

Article Very Much Needed

I am so proud of you for bringing this issue front and center. Your words are profound and I beleive are very much needed.

Please keep reminding females of this issue.

Biology and Destiny

Thank you, Beryl, for your kind words! It is so important that we recognize that our adolescent daughters are being thrust into sexual maturity more quickly than a generation ago and our genetic coding only enhance that forward momentum. Mothers and other significant adults must recognize that the most difficult discussions are generally the most important and necessary to a young woman's path. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Suzanne Degges-White, PhD, is a licensed counselor and professor at Northern Illinois University.

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