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There's No Excuse for Elder Abuse

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that one to two million Americans over the age of 65 have experienced some form of abuse at the hands of a caregiver. Exact figures are hard to come by, because many incidents of abuse go unreported. Elder abuse comes in many forms. If you suspect that an elderly person is at risk, SPEAK UP! It's the only way to break the cycle. Read More

Speak up about elder neglect and abuse to who?

I have already spoken several times to Adult Protective Services and was told I have to call them while the punching and shoving me was going on. Not after I got the offender out of my house to stop getting punched.
IHSS in Riverside California's response was, "and there is nothing you can do about it is there.. Ha ha." I was also reporting fraud. supervisor didn't care. I have been told I "don't matter." they will give the caregiver a full days pay and another victim the next day.

My current caregiver makes me go without food for 3-5 days. This past week I lived on carrots and rice. the day before I suffered a minor thyroid storm that left me seriously dehydrated. My legs & feet were cortoided due to severe dehydration. My caregiver yelled at me as I trued to get fluids from the kitchen because she never responds when I call for help. One of my medical conditions requires a protein diet or I pass out, which has cause over 6 serious concussion 2 years ago that left me with more health & memory/confussion problems...

I am homebound living in isolation. I am not able to drive to get groceries. it is very painful to stand, walk, and bash my head on the cement when I pass out.

Your article says to speak up. speak up to who? Now one cares!
so I ask please tell me who to speak up to?

This year I called Adult Protective Services who is my case manager and she said all she does is give out hours for care. She doesn't get involved or do anything else just pass out how many hours for help.

I don't have family, I am not from where I live now. most of my friends have passed away or moved. I know two people, but a busy caring for spouses and working full time. They are elderly.

so again, who do I speak up to? I've been telling my doctor who has been logging my wait losses due to caregiver starving me and neglecting duties she is paid for and contracted to provide. she has good pay, great insurance, and constantly tells me she doesn't care, she doesn't need the money - just the medical insurance. She is the only emtployee who can -when she wants to- follow very simple instructions and speaks English (she fakes not knowing English, but when she yells at me she is fluent in English) which is still the legal language of California.

who will listen?

Senior Care

Yes, the people those are behaving wrongly or abusively to the Older people or Senior citizens need to be punished by the legal system of any of the Country all around the World. We have to be more conscious even while talking with elders or our parents and grand parents. They are the people for whom we are here. So, its our duty to make them ever happy and cheerful always to realize them what they have done they have done that right. Because, every parents always want a good response whether in terms of respect or love or care from their children when they are old. It is very tough to deal with the misbehaves, abusive words and taunts at certain stage of life and most probably at the peak stage of your life. Senior care is a nice job and it can give a life to someone who even lost his/her hope of surviving towards the end of life. One can have a blessed life by doing this job and the reason is he/she will have the blessings of Senior people. Senior Care Santa Paula

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