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De-Stress on Demand

More than half of all deaths result from stressful lifestyles. —U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Read More

How Stress Can Improve Your Health

Our basic mistake is; we see stress as something destructive.

But, how about if we change our mind and accept stress as a part of normal life and use it as a tool to heal us.

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Glad you are doing your work with people about how to use stress to their advantage. In some cases I find that works but knowing you have the choice in the moment to de-stress when its beneficial or use that stress to express or create is exactly what I am saying. Unfortunately stress is so chronic and so often for people that it is not a normal part of life but past events haunting us and causing stress that has nothing to do with normal life in the moment.

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Steve Sisgold is a Body Centered Therapist, the author of What's Your Body Telling You? and a life coach to best selling authors, Grammy winners, Business Leaders and more.


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