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You Have an Ally

In trying times, who has got your back?

"I'll get by with a little help from my friends" written by the Beatles and sung so fiercely by Joe Cocker is an anthem we need right about now. 

We all have an ally that can supply us with key insights and information we could use during a stressful economy and more, but often isn't consulted. This ally can even monitor your health, relationships and finances during a yoyo marketplace with a clear eye and show you the deepest truth in any moment in the most direct and simple way. With the help of this ally you can clear your mind in an instant, and erase fear and doubt in a heartbeat. And best of all, this ally is on call and in your corner 24 hours a day.

Your ally is your brilliant body. Listen to it. It can help you make solid decisions and innately take you in the direction you need to go now. It has a remarkable capacity to receive process and integrate highly energized information-during this time of information overload and uncertainty. Constantly scanning both within and without, your body sorts and prioritizes all that information to allow you to function effectively. Your body has its own intelligence, a natural brilliance that simply knows the deeper truths your mind alone cannot grasp. The best move you can make in many situations is to get out of your head and into your body, especially during these very fast moving up and down times.

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Steve Sisgold is a Body Centered Therapist, the author of What's Your Body Telling You? and a life coach to best selling authors, Grammy winners, Business Leaders and more.


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