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She Said She Wants to Die, but She’ll Kill Me if I Tell

Tweens like teens are subject to the ‘illusion of invulnerability,” the false belief that bad things only happen to other people. On some level a tween may believe that their suicidal friend will not follow through. Often tweens in this situation take on the role of therapist and caretaker. They check in with their friend and carry the burden of her woes on their own backs Read More

Teen Suicide

This is a great article to read, especially for parents of preteens and teenagers. Even if you would never suspect your child being suicidal, maybe they are dealing with a friend who is. After reading this article I see why it is very important for parents to have a close relationship with their kids. If you( as a parent) have a close relationship where the child feels comfortable talking about almost anything with you, they would also feel comfortable coming to you with a situation such as this one. A parent should explain to the child that even though they think they can handle helping their friend on their own, they should tell an adult what’s going on, that way their friend can get the help he or she needs.

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Jennifer Powell-Lunder, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist and parenting expert specializing in work with tweens, teens, young adults, and their families.


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