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Failed Focus: Crushing Consequences to Your Credibility

Failed Focus: Are your relationship being ignored and crushed because of the allure of the shiny light? How is this affecting your leadership credibility and trust within your family? Five crushing consequences of being on automatic and how they can ruin your relationships. Actions to counter being on autopilot. Learn about the Emotional Audit mindfulness tool. Read More

Excellent! Whether in formal

Excellent! Whether in formal (positional) or informal leadership positions being genuinely connected with colleagues, team members, significant others, children, and friends is key to relationship success. When we are chasing those "shiny lights" that always pop up we are disconnected and not "being here now." I LOVE the "5 I's" that clearly remind us of what happens when we are not focused. And, I use (and teach) Dr. Nadler's "Emotional Audit" and it is a great way to be here now.

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