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The Soul Factor: Why Huffington's Thrive Is a Bestseller

In her new bestseller Thrive Arianna Huffington embodies what I call Leading with Soul. The next time you want to inspire your audience, make sure your message also has the “soul factor." Here's how. Read More

Huffington's book is disingenuous

Huffington admits that she worked herself into such a level of exhaustion that she collapsed and broke her cheekbone on the corner of her desk and could have died. By her exhaustive efforts, however, she made herself disgustingly rich and famous, which was the point of all of her hard work. She had defined success as being rich and famous, and by the current definition, she achieved success. Once she made it to a point where she could relax and write a book that reaches the top of the charts because she's Arianna Huffington and can ride on the fame of her name, she had a sudden epiphany that she should dial back her life and enjoy her family, pamper herself, and give to charity. How nice that must be, and how utterly possible, now that she's disgustingly rich and famous. She doesn't have to work another day in her life BECAUSE she nearly killed herself building her empire. That's how it works. I will never believe that she would be who she is and have the wealth and fame that she has if she had redefined success BEFORE she got where she is.

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