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Providing After-Death Care at Home When a Baby Dies

When hospital births became commonplace in the U.S., babies who died were quickly taken away. But shielding parents this way did more harm than good. Now parents are encouraged to spend time with their babies, and as part of the home funeral trend, more parents are providing after-death care themselves, even taking their babies home until burial or cremation. Here's why. Read More

Thanks for sharing this type

Thanks for sharing this type of information, child is very important for parents and for the caring they can do anything. Sometimes people face some problem at the time of born a child so for avoiding such type of things always care about the health and how can deliver a child in safe is important.
kid steals

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Deborah L. Davis, Ph.D., is a developmental psychologist and author of 6 books, including one about perinatal hospice titled A Gift of Time.


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