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Bode Miller Unplugged

After winning the Bronze, skier Bode Miller became emotional remembering his recently deceased brother, pro snowboarder Chelone. As tears streamed down his face, NBC interviewer Christin Cooper asked one more insightful question, to which Bode put down his head and wept. Did Cooper cross the line? Is it appropriate for global television to train its lens on a weeping man? Read More


Thanks for this clarification of what went on in the Miller interview. I had only seen a very skewed version from the press against the interviewer, yet the press is in the very business of doing what she was did. They seem to want to go which way the wind might be blowing, so if they can creat a controversy about it, they get more readership and viewership from it. I just tend to tune it all out. No TV since 2010 has been a godsend for my wife and me. (I do get news like this from my computer.) Thanks again, Glenn

Beautiful and thoughtful

Beautiful and thoughtful analysis. Thank you.

The only reason people

The only reason people freaked out over the question is because everyone is afraid of their own feelings.


thank you for another wonderful piece on educating others about grief and loss, especially so on the birthday of my own deceased sister. you are the best!

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