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Does Our Height Influence Our Mental Health?

Experiment in virtual reality shows that reducing a person's height can increase feelings of vulnerability and raise levels of paranoia. Read More

5'6" :(


Same here :(

Same here :(

oh my!

I'm also 5'6" and that's a respectable height. I have a buddy who's 5'3" and he gets upset when I complain about my height. Perspective is key!

Being Taller

I noticed even at a young age, while riding a horse and being so much more up, I felt powerful and awesome. But when I got off the horse and had that sense of loss of height that I felt punny and defeated for a while, till my normal senses returned. It might also be why so many people like big trucks, heavy machinery, etc. Not just the power but the height gives them a sense that they are not punny but awesome.

What do you mean we can't do

What do you mean we can't do anything about peoples' rights? How about chopping off a couple inches off the legs of people over 6' tall

Potential exposure bias?

It seems possible people were more comfortable the second time because of not only height, but also because they had already been in the environment once before. This is almost like a form of exposure therapy or the sense of threat reduction we get from being in a familiar environment or even just an environment that we recognize. Makes you wonder about the validity of the study findings a bit.

I thought about this while

I thought about this while reading the article as well, but I am assuming the experimenters counterbalanced the order in which participants were in the VR scenarios (such that half of the participants received tall VR first, short VR second and the other half received short VR first, tall VR second)

as a 5'1" female, i've learnt

as a 5'1" female, i've learnt to ensure i KNOW where i am in a que. my common experience of not being noticed, by the very lofty ones, is whilst waiting at a counter, to be served. they simply don't see me, then i am "loftily" accused of cutting in, on them. is that paranoia?

As a 5'6" female who likes to

As a 5'6" female who likes to wear 2" heels, I like how I feel at 5'8". For whatever reason I feel more confident, more elegant, more in command of my surroundings. I have dated tall men and have always envied their ability to see above crowds, to quickly assess physical situations, to have a strong presence when we have been in unfamiliar scenarios, to have a natural confidence in themselves, and generally to earn good salaries. In my next life I am coming back as a tall strong blue eyed extrovert with a high IQ and a higher EQ. Life is better for this group, no question.

Why are'nt researchers concerned about the effect of these articles?

Nearly all the researchers conducted on height show that being taller is advantageous. No doubt these researchers make short people like me feel inferior. Aren't researchers and publishers concerned about this thing? Why don't they publish articles on 'advantages of being short', 'how to overcome height problem' etc?
(I am 5'6" male, and consider myself short.)


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There is absolutely nothing exciting about being short.

To every person who is short, there is always this tendency or feelings of intimidation, Inferiority complex and prejudice. Beside short people are deprived of so many things most especially in careers like modeling, playing basket ball etc. So trying to persuade those who fall In the class of short people is like sending forth an obsolete idea. I suggest researchers should look for solutions to eradicate this problem of being short though caused by DNA. Instead of publishing stories that will keep reminding them(short people) of an inferior being.

The problem here is that even

The problem here is that even though these people may not have noticed that they were at a different height, that doesn't mean their brains may not have realized it. They must have, if a reaction occurred. In real life, short people don't go from being tall to short or vice-versa, so it's really not the same thing. You learn to see the world from your height and you get used to that, so being short doesn't necessarily mean you feel smaller because you never have seen the world from a taller perspective.

Taller people have it better than shorter people, always.

I constantly feel intimidated when around taller people. I am 5'8", but my father is 5'2". Sometimes I feel as if he passed his insecurities down to me. Height is power, no doubt about it.

A towering piece of research

which should be nominated for the 2014 Ig Nobel Pychology Prize.

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Comments on "Does Our Height Influence Our Mental Health?" | Psychology Today

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Comments on "Does Our Height Influence Our Mental Health?" | Psychology Today

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