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Never Be Manipulated Again

You’re reading this because you have reached an “enough already” point in your life. Or someone really manipulated you into doing something you didn’t want to do or into not doing something you wanted to do and you became so infuriated with them and yourself that you reached a “never again” moment. Isn’t that true? Read More

I just kicked my girlfriend

I just kicked my girlfriend out because she has never let me say no to her for anything without an argument. (well it a little more complicated than that) I told her no last week and she said I was making a scene. That's what she always says when I say no. (I tell other people no and they don't have a problem with it) She then left for about five hours then came home. When she came home right before bedtime all seemed to be ok until we went to bed. As soon as we laid down she said she had been mad at me all day and not to even think about sex. I said ok and we went to sleep. Upon waking in the morning I noticed a large white stain in her panties. So I kicked her out. She claimed it was discharge but I just can't get over how much there was for only wearing them for 6 hours. Also the chain of events makes it all to suspect.

I have been cheated on numerous times before and have learned to install spy cameras, tap telephone lines and monitor vehicle locations via GPS. Every time I have suspected it I have been right. This time I have no desire to put myself through that emotional trauma and just ended it. It takes to much mental energy to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt.

She called today and told me that her daughter would forgive me if she took me back. That made me wonder if she has a memory problem as to which one of us ended the relationship.


Self empowerment is such a good feeling. two thumbs up dude!!!

I'm Sorry.

I've been cheated on too, and I know it sucks. I'm proud of you for not putting up with it. Sounds like she was not a great girlfriend to start with. You deserve better, and now you've opened up the space in your life for better to fall in. Perhaps 2014 will be your year! :-)

I am fresh out, too. I feel for you that you need to monitor your SO's with technology. I think following your gut is much better for you emotionally. I hope you find someone who can give you peace of mind so you can learn to trust again. I know it took a long time after my divorce to make a decision that all men were not going to cheat on me, and I was gonna trust and risk again. Be open.

Good luck. You did the right thing. Don't look back. :-)

Fed Up

Thank you. My mother is a passive aggressive, malicious, manipulative bitch.

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