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How to Get Kids to Choose Fruit For Snacks

Can't get your child to choose fruits or veggies for a snack? A recent study suggests that you can use the same methods that cereal and fast food marketers use to influence your child's food choices. Read More

Here's what I do: I let my

Here's what I do: I let my son pick between banana with almond butter, carrots with hummus, apple with greek yogurt, and snap peas with guacamole. I mix things up and always offer healthy, tasty snacks.

Such an interesting study. I

Such an interesting study. I think many people overlook the power of marketing. I'll have to try this out with my two year old. Thanks.

It is interesting and scary

It is interesting and scary that something like a sticker can influence a child in such a way. It goes to show how influential a marketing campaign can be used for good or bad purposes.

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