It's All Relative

How comparisons create self-knowledge, action, and emotions.

The Lloyd Dobler Effect

Romantic heroes can alter the romantic lives of women and men. Read More

It is really great...

It is really great when you become satisfied with what you have. Life takes on a whole different aura. Glenn

I remember watching "Say

I remember watching "Say Anything" and thinking it was a neat movie with some funny lines but always kind of lumped it into scenarios you only see in movies not in real life. In this case the totally average looking guy (for the record I think Cusack has aged well and would probably be considered attractive nowadays but in that movie was totally average looking) and the attractive girl who in real life most likely wouldn't even give him the time of day. Other things you only see in movies--the really attractive girl who is thought of as unattractive by the entire school because she has her hair up and is wearing glasses and then when she takes off the glasses and puts down her hair the whole school is shocked at how beautiful she is. In real life people notice if someone is attractive whether they are wearing glasses or not. Lol. In movies tough guys are played by guys no one would ever be scared of in real life, for instance remember Fonzie? What is Henry Winkler, 5'5? Lol. I could go on but my point is I never really saw "Say Anything" as being anywhere near real. Maybe it was different for girls though. Not saying I don't agree with the general concept though, there were movies I felt were more realistic. I just didn't find that movie in particular to be very realistic but that's just my opinion. To each his/her own.

Quit ruining my childhood.

I loved this movie and hate when people sh*t all over it. Can't people have a wee bit of escapism and fun without pseudo-academics dissecting it like a frog in a Cuisinart?

Buying or selling...

My fiance is just like Lloyd. He's 42 and doesnt buy or sell anything because he's a journalist. Therefore an older man who doesn't buy or sell anything doesn't have to be a loser, as you suggest.

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