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Having Another Baby: How Much Anxiety is Okay?

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Thanks for the

Thanks for the post

Anxiety over baby number 2

After my daughter was born everything was great. I had what I thought was normal fears of taking care of new baby. By the time my daughter was 7 months I had what I believed to be a mental breakdown. I started experiencing severe anxiety attacks and constantly had irrational fears that something bad would happen to my daughter, husband or even myself. After seeking medical care it has definetly improved although I still suffer some anxiety from time to time. I just found out that I am expecting baby number 2!! My husband and I were not doing anything to prevent it and we were both excited about baby number 2! Now that I am pregnant though, I have fear and anxiety that my anxiety will spiral out of control again and I am somewhat fearful of having baby number 2... Is this normal?

Hi Vanessa, Yes, I know that

Hi Vanessa,

Yes, I know that can be scary, especially since you experienced such high anxiety so recently. You will probably feel better if you can find a therapist who specializes in maternal wellness so you can be reassured and perhaps learn strategies for coping with anxiety. It is normal to "worry about worrying" and that's part of anxiety, always worrying that it will come back big time!

I would urge you to talk to other moms, perhaps a support group would be helpful for you. You might also get some comfort from reading some of my books which will help you feel less alone.

Good luck during this pregnancy and do not hesitate to reach out for help if you need it!

Good discussion about baby

Good discussion about baby and mother. When a baby born people think about the care of the baby and how can they handle. Most of the people think about the second baby, in the second baby how can take care both children is most important. Sometimes most of the people neglect the first baby and these things are affect to the other so always avoid these things.
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