Is Psychology Making Us Sick?

Introducing a love-based psychology

Why We Eat the Way We Do

Do we really understand why we're going on a diet and why we eat the way we do? If we fail to understand and empathize with the reasons why we have issues with food, we're failing to grasp the real problem. So, how do we go beyond the quick diet fix and truly understand our relationship with food? Read More

Nothing I do makes me happy. So I eat.

Relationships don't make me happy. Neither does work, hobbies, exercise, travel, sex, or anything else I engage in. I have no friends, despite decades of trying. I live in a one bedroom apartment, despite having money to afford more—because having more would not makeme happy.
No one has "made" me feel this way. It is entirely my own issue. I go round & round with therapists, all of whom seem to think I know what the problem is. If I did I wouldn't be thirty pounds overweight. Dating and going out doesn't make me happy. I'm just as miserable now as when I was a size 10; at least now I'm not exhausted and angry from exercise.

Why do anything when nothing makes me happy?

Nothing I do

Dear Anonymous: What a painful place you're in. I am hesitant to make any suggestions not knowing you. However, other folks I have worked with who expressed something similar had a lot of power in their anger- power they needed to use to make changes in their lives. Of course, this may not be the case for you. Respectfully, David

Dear Anonymous, I just wanted

Dear Anonymous,
I just wanted to say hello to you. I can really feel your misery and resignation; there is something so honest and poignant about it to me.
Thanks David, for another great article.

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