Is Psychology Making Us Sick?

Introducing a love-based psychology

Zen and the Art of Dieting: Part 3

Most people assume that diet programs work and that it is the dieters who “don’t work.” Additionally, they think weight loss programs will make them healthier. But do they really? Read More

It's so hard to know what

It's so hard to know what research to believe as someone who struggles with her weight. I remember reading a post on PT last year about how a study found that those who are overweight/obese are better off dieting, even if it's yo-yo dieting, because in sum that will reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease. But clearly other research contradicts that.

yo-yo dieting

I agree- this is a tricky area. Being overweight can create health risks but so can large fluctuations in weight. To care for you condition, certainly consult a medical doctor. Next you need to find a way of eating and exercising that really works for you. Most people eat particular foods for very important reasons even though those reasons are often unconscious (despite the fact that people "think" they know the reasons). Thus people diet out of concern for their health, looks, or esteem and they eat for other reasons that are less known but equally important. These reasons counter each other and can result in yo-yo dieting. Getting to know your reasons for eating and appreciating them is a task that takes enormous courage and self-love. Check out my website,, for more ideas about this.

Great stories

Thanks for sharing that. I have started reading the stories and they resonate with me immensely.

great stories

Thanks for the feedback. See what about the stories, or which details of the stories, resonate for you. That resonance is pointing to something about you. You and your patterns of behavior, no matter how disturbing to you or others, are worthy of your deepest respect and belief.

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