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Sometimes an Oil Change Is Love Poetry

From my new book, the second of five things you might not know about men: sometimes an oil change might as well be love poetry. Men often speak their own language, but there can be deep affection hidden amongst the empty oil cans. Read More

Can I ever relate to this...

Let me make this succinct. Both my wife and I are introverts. I have been leaning more towards the extrovert side as I get older...I need people more now. My wife is 11 yrs my junior and this hasn't happened yet (if it ever will). All friends have moved on to other cities at this point and work and home duties are all we can handle - not out carousing and making new friends. I enjoy entertaining in the home for small groups as I do all of the cooking. I enjoy new recipes and extensive buffet preparation.

Now my point, as circuitous as it may be. My wife has really resisted me planning anything for several years now. It finally came out the other day that the reason is that she is not the one planning these 'celebrations' and does not have the control. She even said, "I thought you knew that!" Well blow me down. I SHOULD have picked up the signals after 22 years of marriage, and I DO recognize the micromanagement going on but...REALLY!? I speak English but she's speaking Aramaic!

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