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Finally, an Honest Assessment by the VA

Public scandals generally follow predictable patterns with much noise, but little reform. This time, the new acting secretary of the VA promises swift and decisive action to improve the VA's treatment of injured veterans, and I'd like to suggest several major ways to hold him accountable for what generally are only empty words. Read More


Thamk you sir for this article. We all need information. This is very distressing emotionally and intellecturally.

Mostly likely not much will change

The military is made up of people who are really good at following rules, leadership and command. It's what they do. Outliers and complainers are punished and ridiculed.

Veterans who can't get adequate care or a medical appointment at the VA are much less likely than the general public to advocate for themselves, escalate the matter and insist they get care. The VA has been cooking the appointment books and falsifying documents for years. Only because AFTER someone retired was the secret divulged and even then the whistle-blower was branded as sour grapes and disparaged.

The VA will most likely return to business as usual. The top people will continue to be paid far more than they are worth and the ranks of its employees will continue to swell. If vets want care they'll probably need to pull out their cash and visit a regular doctor outside the system, sorry to say.

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Eric Newhouse is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and the author of Alcohol: Cradle to Grave and Faces of Combat: PTSD and TBI.


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