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Who Has Time to Meditate 5 Times a Day? You do, already!

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A coincidence?

Hello dr. David,
I've enjoyed reading your article, and I was amused by you choosing to Meditate for 5 times a day. The reason this particular number caught my interest is that I'm a practicing Muslim, and in Islam we are required to pray five times a day. Having to 'zone-out' of your daily hustle bustle five times and dive into a spiritual experience such as prayer is a bless that helps me keep my mental and emotional stamina in check :)
So, did you get this five times a day from Muslim culture? or did you get it from some kind of research? or is it just a coincidence after all ^_^

Very good point, although I

Very good point, although I haven't seen an answer from the author yet. I use my bicycle for basic transportation and so 4-6 times a day I have ten minutes of "zoning out" from stress, without doing anything more than the usual routine. I have no idea where the muslim practice of prayer 5 times a day originated, although it is obviously a positive experience. Can you enlighten us?

Muslims pray, 5 times a day :)

Thanks for taking interest in Islamic practices :)
[and I too am looking forward to hearing from the author ^_^ ]
the practice of prayers started with since the beginning of the Islamic call by prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (about 1400 years ago), but the five times a day (at dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, evening) was decreed after about 12 to 13 years of the start of the call (by then those who embraced the Islamic faith have become more used to its teaching : prayers, fasting, Quran -holy book-recitation, charity...) the decree came from God (yes, Allah means god, it's just in Arabic :D) at the fitting moment.
Having the prayers spread over the day really helps me to schedule my activities, I arrange my sleeping time, playing time, reading time. and even my tasks in the office based on these five 'anchors' in my schedule , it really helps (Y)

5 times a day...a coincidence?

Hi, and thanks for reading. I must confess that the "5 times a day" was a coincidence, and not based on research findings about best meditation practices, and not actually based on a particular faith tradition.

But as someone who has regularly practiced 5 times daily stepping back and pausing...what do you think about that rhythm?

Thanks again!

Prayers and Rythm

Thanks for your reply dr. David,
For someone who have been practicing this for a couple of decades now (and you will hear this from any practicing Muslim I think),
prayers really do help me move through the day by 'hopping' from a prayer time to the next, I find this really evident on the times I happen to miss the prayer times for some reason (oversleeping for instance or too much hustle that I forget it), whenever this happens it means my day will suck :D, it actually signals an alarm that I'm losing my control and awareness of the time through the day. Since the prayer times cover the entire active time daily (dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset, evening) this sets the rhythm for all aspects of life, not just for your working hours, studying time..etc, but for the day as a whole.
I really think this is worth doing a survey to know if it's just me or does it work similarly for those who pray regularly :)

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