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5 Reasons Why Receiving Is Harder Than Giving

If you believe that it is more noble to give than to receive, read this article to realize why receiving is actually a way of giving—and nurtures both people. It's time to understand why receiving is not so easy. Read More

Needs a Balance!

This post is effective! What I get to understand from here is that there should be a balance of give and take in one's life. If any of the two is extreme, the effect can be unusual to evade its significance.


Yes, exactly! Finding a balance is important--extending ourselves to others and letting in what we receive. And receiving is also a way of giving. I appreciate your comment.


Thanks for your prompt response author! In short, if looked deeply, we are actually giving, even in receiving (giving a positive response to the other so that he she becomes happy). I am saying so because it is only 'giving (from mind, body, and speech)' that is in our hands, receiving is not completely under our control. :)

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