Interracial, intercultural relationships and resilience.

Interracial Sex on TV? Scandal-ous

Can brave, brilliant, beautiful black women have an ongoing sexual relationship, much less an interracial relationship, on TV? Maybe. Read More

Men's Human Rights

"One way of tapping into popular, “common-sensical” cultural discourse about persons of color and interracial couples is analyzing how they are portrayed on TV."

I couldn't agree more. The lame-stream media does effect societal perceptions for the sheeple and knowing me, you will not be surprised about the direction I am going to take this prescient point. Whilst you consider the divisions of ethnicity, I focus on the singular division of the two sexes.

For every empowered beautiful black woman portrayed by our media there is a hapless bumbling husband of any ethnic origin and this is well reflected in the perceptions of our society today.

The statistical facts point to double the sentencing time for men for the same crime, 4-10 times the suicide rates, hire education attendance down to 35% and falling, over 90% of workplace fatalities whilst fools bicker that there is a wage disparity, comparing oranges with lemons, the complete lack of father's rights discounting the fact that within mother's body a part of father's body is growing, over 80% of the homeless, etc., etc. the list of trump inequalities is endless.

Yet sheeple are so influenced by the lame-stream media that against these damning realities, virtually the opposite narrative is believed to be true, most recently 'rape culture' asserting in effect that all men and boys are natural rapists.

Keep on the excellent fight for racial equality and even interracial love, subjects we are both intimately aware of, but I feel that the true divide and rule is obviously most dire today in the west at the level of gender and the lack of true gender equality especially at the intersection of parenthood. I fear for the future of my sons and yours if this environment is not addressed and radically reformed. Otherwise my best advice to all four of the boys would be MGTOW and surrogacy. ;-)

Best wishes to you and the family.

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Kyle D. Killian, Ph.D., LMFT teaches in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Capella University, and is a licensed couple and family therapist and clinical supervisor.

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