Interracial, intercultural relationships and resilience.

Why You Gotta Be So Rude? I’m Gonna Marry Her Anyway

While they do not oppose it in the abstract, a majority of people in the US are not comfortable with interracial marriage when asked how they would feel if it happened in their family. Read More

The song was not written with

The song was not written with interracial couples in mind, it's just about a guy and girl getting away from a controlling father. Good Hijack for personal message though. ^^

it still resonates

Thanks for your post. Some interpretations refer to a "disapproving" father--the lyrics fit an intercultural or interracial situation spot on, whether or not it was written expressly for such couples. That's the great thing about art--it's subject to interpretation, and we imbue meanings.

What? My Wife is White?

My spouse is white and I am black. I never really think about it until I read articles like this or see characters on screen portrayed in an interracial relationship. My point is that I don’t think of my spouse in terms of her race. I focus more on her mood, what makes her laugh, how can I make her day easier, and why she loses my socks in every laundry cycle. Being in a relationship is about love and the challenge of staying in love. We never walk around stating our obvious color contrast (except after being on the beach all day). As for the in-laws and others, they had to overcome their fears, ignorance, and exposure to something that truly did not expect or see in the world in which they were raised. If you are a good person who understands and embraces why these perceptions exist and persist, you will be less angry and more willing to engage others with another point of view. If my mother-in-law offers me fried chicken for dinner, it’s not because she is a racist, it’s because she loves cooking me my favorite meal.

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