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Announcing the Real Election Winner

For those who believe in the unique power of the scientific method to referee competing claims, figure out actual truths about how the world works, and guide successful adaptations, the recent election was a moment to celebrate. Read More

[You say "the recent election

[You say "the recent election was a moment to celebrate; a victory, regardless of whether or not we approved of the political victor" and "Here was finally a test case, a come-to-Jesus moment, a concrete contest with measurable, immediate and consequential results between the ‘reality-based’ and ‘faith-based’ communities, between intuition and data, between hard-headed analyses and wishful thinking"]

I see the only reality here is the population of this country wants a welfare state is all. That we have become a nation full of illegal immigrants wanting food stamps and our own fat lazy stupid leeches, moochers and parasites. That gay rights, lesbian rights, Muslim rights, atheist rights not to be offended by us trumps everything else now. That you are so self absorbed and full of bias that that you think you can make the distinction between reality-based and faith-based communities as if only one is legitimate and the other merely dreaming.

That if we are truly interested in any kind of reality based view of what is going on before our very eyes, we have only to review history to see the logical conclusion of the type of socialism all these idiots will ultimately lead us to with their ideas about redistributing the wealth and removing God from the history of the world.

Here is an article below (only one example)of your so called reality based agenda played to its logical conclusion from those who caved in to your mentality in the past. I hope all you geniuses look forward to what you will be getting when you get your way. I particularly am looking forward to being one of the 30-60 million people who starve to death depending on the govt to feed them after they get done re-distributing the wealth and everything belongs to the people.

One of our forefathers stated “the only danger in a democracy, is if the people lose their values they will get the leader they deserve. - How true.

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Noam Shpancer, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at Otterbein College and a practicing clinical psychologist in Columbus, Ohio.


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