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Do You and Your Partner Fight Fair?

Some degree of fighting in a relationship is not only inevitable, but also necessary to create growth. The problem for couples is not that they fight—it’s how they fight. Read More

A lie

Fighting has to do with spectrum differences, and mood differences.

Suggesting it's normal is a lie.

No not everyone

After 5 1/2 years together my wife and I have endured not one fight, not one argument, not even a single disagreement.


Yes, i hear what you're saying.
I use the term "everyone" loosely to convey the normalcy of fighting in relationships.
There are very few things that EVERYONE does.
I'm so glad that you and your wife are enjoying your lives together!
Thanks for posting.

How did you come there? Can

How did you come there?

Can you please elaborate?

My boyfriend and I fight less and less with time - and the fights become more playful and less heated too when they happen - but I can't imagine ever getting to "never."

Are you just too very nonconfrontational people?



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