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6 Steps For Personal Change

Behaviors you want to change are part of a system or pattern you know and trust. Somehow, this behavior has helped you. Now it hurts. And you’re stuck. Here's how to change. Read More

That thing about taking time

That thing about taking time and not expecting a change to happen overnight is so important. Like you said, a lot of times we want FAST/NOW results and it doesn't work that way. Sometimes we just need to take it slowly. We are all a work in progress!

so true!

Yes, we ARE all work in progress!
Many people feel when results are not quick, things are not working.
In my experience, slow change over time increases the likelihood of the change being permanent.
Thanks for your comment, Erica!

Yep... those amazing changes

Yep... those amazing changes don't come so fast. We have to take time to think them out, make a plan, set a goal, and reach it.

Oh and no problem. I love reading your posts. We actually follow eachother on the Twitter. Lol. You reposted one of my blogs at the Good Men Project ("You've been Dumped") so I like to return the favor!

Keep the great guidance/articles coming!

Loved that!

Oh WOW! I loved that post!
What is your full name? I (and I'm sure others) will want to *like* you on Facebook.

I don't Facbeook much but my

I don't Facbeook much but my Twitter is @EriicaChristina

And my blog is here at The Good Men Project:

Thanks for the plug!

Love your articles so much and will keep spreading word about them on the interwebs!

But do permanent behavior

But do permanent behavior changes turn into permanent personality changes???

How do you know a change is permanent and not temporary?

This is very good advice.

This is very good advice. Especially #3. I dance around that one a lot. WHY do you something in the first place? What purpose is it serving? Without that piece, you can't find a long term solution to change.

Simple example for me:

I decided I didn't want to drink lattes as a replacement for breakfast anymore. I always had excuses for it, and reasons to do it, but eventually I was able to switch to eating a real breakfast instead of stopping for coffee. I knew I hit a breakthrough when I felt like it was a choice to turn left towards the coffee stand, or right straight to work. That day when I thought, "oh, I don't really want a latte", but there was a small voice of habit to get one anyway, but I was free to ignore it and break the habit for good.

It's those little victories...

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