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Got to Drink Milk? Learn Your A1’s and A2’s

If you drink milk, you may not realize the type of milk you are drinking may be predisposing you to disease. Find out about the A1 and A2 difference. Read More

Well this is me down to a

Well this is me down to a "T". I ran out of my A2 milk here at work today and decided to have my morning teas and coffee with the standard milk they normally get (A1). After lunch, I came back and felt suddenly quite spaced out and hot. I thought that perhaps the lunch was off but it was piping hot and freshly made. I thought about the wheat I'd ingested over the weekend that also leaves me 'spacey'... but I didn't think about the milk, until I felt nauseous and burpy. I found this article and discovered the opioid link, and like wheat, this is what triggers for me that brain fog, spacey feeling.

I'm feeling a little more alert now, but it's interesting how oddly sensitive we can all be.

Incidentally, I don't get 'spacey' when eating a slice of normal A1 cheese. Why?

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