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Do You Have More Problems Than Me?

If I can fix my own life, THEN I'll have time for World Peace.

Newsman annoyed at bad news

news anchor annoyed at list of bad news

Unlike the confident and self-sufficient news anchor in this cartoon, many of us feel uncomfortable with our own personal problems, so it can be easier to hear the troubles of others!

Living in Hollywood, and surrounded by entertainment news and people, it sometimes makes me wonder if some people just do have a better, easier, much happier life. If they have similar problems to me or you, they sure don't show them. They have fortune, success, and the very best real estate.

Or, closer to home, if I have to go to the dentist, I look at my bird, and think how lucky he is, not to have any teeth, or worry about them.

The conclusion I've come up with is that everyone has the exact same number of problems, expressed in either quantity or quality, though I may never know what they are. Then I go back to thinking about my own troubles.

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What do you think? Are some people just more care-free, with blessed lives? Or do people all have some, if not the same, struggles to go through?

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