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Real Men Don't Eat Your Chocolate

What if your guy cries? Who feels worse, you or him?

cartoon of man answering phone that he's the man of the house, but also sensitiv
man answers phone that he is the king of his castle, but also sensitive when need be
Of course, men and women are equal. Totally. At least according to law, and in some sitcoms.

Men's groups have been around for decades now, exploring the definition of what it means to be a man, what his boundaries are, and aren't, and how far one can go. Well, expanding one's role is an inalienable right, and let's hear it for both sides! The Good Men Project is a plugged-in, up-to-date site, exploring these issues with transparency, and not too much banging on drums.

But as men become more "sensitive," and more apt to show those deep and weepy feelings, what about the tears? In The Crying Game, Dr. Audrey Nelson explains that boys and girls cry equally up to the age of 12. Okay, but let's look at men. How do you feel about this with men in your own relationships?

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In other words, if (or when) he cries, does this turn you off? Personally, I don't mind discrete tears at a sad movie, but if there's loud bawling at the dinner table, for any reason whatsoever, there won't be any dessert.

If you feel like it, please share your thoughts about (or by) sensitive men in the comments.

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